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Oodles of long layers that fall to the shoulder define this soft feminine cut. Wear it curly, barely waved or whatever way suits you.
Price: $ 172.00
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Softly waved top and bangs blend perfectly into full layers that make for a trendy, tousled look that can be finger styled or brushed into a fuller silhouette of soft waves.
Price: $ 429.00
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Sophisticated, simple, superbly styled. And completely modern
Price: $ 229.00
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This ultra- feminine silhouette features long, softly waved layers in the front and sides that graduate into longer layers that fall to mid-back.
Price: $ 249.00
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Including dramatic side swept bangs and long, subtle layering throughout, this stunning mid-length cut adds glamour to any look.
Price: $ 284.00
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Generous length on top combined with all over precision layering and tapering gives a modern accent to this traditional boy cut.
Price: $ 344.00
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This timeless collar length page is loaded with natural movement and style.
Price: $ 184.00
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This modern cut has great natural movement. Always flattering. Not too done. Not too fussy. Just right.
Price: $ 354.00
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