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A clever little piece for adding volume where needed that attaches easily with two pressure-sensitive clips. Hair Length: 6” softly waved hair on a 4” long stretch base
Price: $ 49.00
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Designed especially for the client with short and/or thin hair, the patented Updo Curls Magic Comb™ is a burst of soft curls that easily and effectively attaches-in-an-instant hair to a woman’s head r
Price: $ 59.00
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With a Sheer Indulgence™ lace front, monofilament top and 4 strategically placed pressure-sensitive clips for a secure fit, this clever hair addition is the perfect helper when added top-of-head volum
Price: $ 269.00
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A handy filler piece that covers the entire top of the head, Sonata features Memory Cap® construction and has 4 pressure sensitive clips for a secure, comfortable, customized fit. Softly curled hair o
Price: $ 119.00
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Give a boost to any hairstyle or add more hair where needed. This gently curled monofilament filler piece has a flexible base with 4 pressure sensitive clips for easy attachment and a polyurethane fro
Price: $ 199.00
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A handy hair addition, Faux Fringe offers fashionable bangs seamlessly without the commitment of cutting your hair. Featuring a monofilament crown for a smooth, natural contour, this helpful top-of-he
Price: $ 159.00
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A versatile bang addition featuring a monofilament part with a Sheer Lines® Front for added styling versatility and three strategically placed pressure sensitive clips for a secure attachment, this cl
Price: $ 149.00
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